What is a Microzone?

Microzones are 20 minute, targeted facial (or hand!) treatments that are meant to achieve quick results. They can be done more often than full skin treatments, so they work in-between as touch ups, or if you would just rather have a 20 minute service for any number of reasons (time, money, scared of facials, don’t like facials, whatever the case may be).

At Ulta, I offer a few Microzone options.  These are all $27 and are customizable to the needs of your skin.   They are:

  • Go and Glow: flash exfoliation for healthy, glowing skin
  • Aging Skin: tighten skin and reduce wrinkles
  • Blackhead Repair: exfoliate and extract blackheads
  • Rapid Spot Clearing: clear breakouts and reduce inflammation
  • Moisture Boost: rejuvenates dry, flaky, dehydrated skin
  • Clear Start Teen Facial: specially formulated for teen acne
  • Eye repair and hand repair add ons: exfoliate, mask, and rehydrate as an add on to any skin, hair, or brow service ($10)

After a consultation, we can decide which treatment would yield the best results for your skin!

Time to treat your self!



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