Fall Skin Care

screen-shot-2016-09-21-at-1-22-49-pmIt seems arbitrary to focus on the change of seasons as a reason to invest in new skin care routines or treatments.  What does the transition from summer to fall have to do with skin, isn’t that just a sales tactic?  I am fairly suspicious of these types of ideas, so I have never been one to buy in to ANYTHING that is marketed this way (or for arbitrary holidays and celebrations, which is a whole other story).

However, this year I realized that I actually DO participate in this idea.  Not that I realize it’s fall and immediately think, “oh, I need to do something different to my face!” but… I do make changes in my life and to my skin care routine that are intrinsically related to the change of seasons.  Here’s what I realized…

  • Summer is BUSY.  Fall is a sigh of relief.  The kids are in school, I have time to shop alone and think alone and do things for myself alone.  I want massages and facials and for someone to take care of me while I decompress.
  • Summer is hard on my skin.  I am horrible about sunscreen and by the time it starts to cool down, I look like a lizard – a dry, scaly lizard.  Give me all the moisturizers and peels and microdermabrasions ASAP.
  • Fall means routines, and I don’t know about y’all with kids but I am BEST at routines in the fall when school starts.  Routine = good skin care.  I wash my face day and night religiously; I even remember to exfoliate and masque! 

If you find yourself in the same situation, here are some ideas for fall skin treatments:

  • Dewy Skin Facial (also called FaceFit): a 10 minute, $10 treatment utilizing Dermalogica’s new PhytoReplish Oil.  This oil changed my face from lizard skin to baby skin – it’s seriously amazing.
  • Microzones: These are 20 minute, $27 targeted treatments… I offer quite a few options here to exfoliate, moisturize, firm, etc.
  • Ultracalming  Treatment: This is a full hour, $67 treatment specifically for overly stressed or sensitized skin (aka those of us who forget to wear sunscreen!).
  • AgeSmart Treatment: This is a full hour, $77 treatment specifically to target the visible signs of aging – since of what we see as “aging” is caused by sun exposure, we may be noticing more of these signs post-summer.
  • Power Resurfacing Peel -or- Microdermabrasion: These resurfacing options can help with texture issues (dry, scaly skin) and hyper pigmentation (dark spots), as well that feeling of just wanting a new, refreshed face.

We always map your face, look for areas of concern, create treatment plans and assess home care options during our service.  However, if you just want to talk about what you are using now and see what your options are, face mapping and consultations are FREE.

Stop by Ulta anytime I am there and we can talk skin!



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