Getting ready for Homecoming

Or Becoming, Forthcoming, Newcoming, or whatever your school calls it!  I know there are a lot of new schools in the area, including the one my kids will go to (Braswell!), and they give it a fun name since there are no alumni to come home.

ANYWAYS.  Skin!  That is the focus here.  Is your skin ready?  What does that even mean?  There are two main things to think about here:

First, most girls get their makeup done before the dance.  As a makeup artist, I can tell you (unequivocally) that it is 100 MILLION TIMES EASIER to put makeup on a well-exfoliated and hydrated face.  Not only is it easier, but the final result is even more radiant and stunning than you already are.

Second, everyone gets their picture taken.  Boys and girls suffering from acne (even intermittent, small breakouts) will most likely want to capture a blemish-free moment.  This requires prevention, which requires planning ahead.

So what can you do?  Here are some options:

  • Invest in a daily routine.  The monetary investment is not huge when looking into something like a Dermalogica Clear Start kit (for acne), which we sell at Ulta for around $40.  This includes everything you will need – face wash, toner, moisturizer, and treatment options that include salicylic acid but will not strip or dry your skin.  We also have other kit options for non-acneic skin, or spot treatment options for skin that is only prone to blemishes once in awhile.
  • For acne especially – invest in Microzone treatments.  A combination of Microzones and self care is the BEST OPTION.  Microzones are $27, 20 minute treatments that help to resolve some of the issues causing teen acne.  Doing 1-2 in the weeks leading up to the dance can help with clearing and smoothing texture.
  • For glowing skin on the day of, add a Microzone on to your makeup application.*  What we will do is a flash exfoliation and hydration (including lips!) right before we apply your makeup.  If you need a little less (i.e. you are taking care of your skin at home), we can do just a 10-minute Dewy Skin facial right before and this even makes a huge difference.
    *The key here is to get your makeup done before hair.

Homecoming is a busy season for The Salon at Ulta, especially in Frisco where there are multiple schools celebrating every weekend from now through October – book ahead of time for your makeup application and if you have questions, stop by or call the salon and ask for me!



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